Let Colour bring the Sunshine into your life.


Blazing Colours V.O.F is a trading company situated in Enschede, The Netherlands, owned by Annemarie Ridderhof.

The idea of starting a company was born on You Tube. So many people are starting this hobby and don`t know what will work and what will not. With the many experiments that Annemarie shows comes a wealth of information which she freely shares with anyone who is interested.

Annemarie has studied arts at the AKI ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design Enschede.

To help all interested artists to get the most vibrant and heavy pigmented acrylic paints, pigments and mediums Blazing Colours has started to offer the best products against competitive prices. The products offered will be built up and expanded as soon as they have been professionally tested and approved by Annemarie!


Good ideas come from people all over the world. Let`s share that wealth of knowledge together.